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Dr. Gabriel Fiszbajn is an Associate Director of CEGyR Centro de Estudios en Ginecología y Reproducción (Center of Studies on Gynecology and Reproduction).
All his clinical, teaching and research activities are developed in this institution.


CEGyR is Argentina’s oldest fertility center. It was founded in 1983 and the first fecundation with an in vitro fertilization technique in Argentina was performed in this center in 1985.


In 1994 CEGyR again pioneered the development of the ICSI (injection of one spermatozoon into an egg or oocyte) procedure. This reproduction center was always renowned for leading the development of new techniques which have contributed to the achievement of thousands of pregnancies of couples with difficulties for conceptio


Dr. Fiszbajn joined CEGyR in 1989, when Fundación Edgardo Nicholson awarded him a scholarship to specialize in conjugal infertility.
Then he remained with the institution occupying several positions until in 1993 he was appointed Associate Director, a position he has held since then. He is also the Coordinator of the Department of Education, Director of the Master in Human Reproduction Program taught at CEGyR and Coordinator of the Egg Donation Program.

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