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Dr. Gabriel Fiszbajn has devoted all his professional life to gynecology, and has specially excelled in the field of human reproduction, providing medical assistance to patients who are unable to achieve pregnancy in a natural way, approaching the causes that prevent conception in each particular situation and thus offering the best treatment options.


Couplesí desire to procreate is so natural and strong as the desire for freedom. When this is not achieved spontaneously, medicine can and must provide solutions. In Argentina, about 15% of the couples are estimated to suffer from fertility disorders. It is important to emphasize that in most cases, pregnancy is achieved with simple treatments, and around 30% of the cases have to be treated with assisted reproduction techniques. Thanks to the dramatic advances made in reproductive medicine during the last fifteen years, most couples can achieve pregnancy nowadays. Still, sometimes it is necessary to undergo different kinds of treatments or to repeat several cycles of the same treatment.


When couples face difficulties in procreating, they must try to preserve their privacy above all things in order to avoid the stress, which is clearly counter-productive. The medical team must accompany this process, offering all the available information about tests, treatments, duration, success rates, complications and costs, so that the couple may decide when to begin tests and treatments to have their long desired baby.